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Milk Herdshares

In the State of Oregon, it is illegal to sell Raw Milk


These laws make it difficult for small farms, however, there is another option called a herd share that is legal. A "herd share" is when you buy a "share" of a goat. You become a joint owner of the animal and in exchange for paying a monthly boarding and care fee, you receive 1/2 gallon of real, fresh raw milk from your animal on a weekly basis.


Herd shares are becoming a popular way for individuals to participate in farming, agriculture and supporting local food production.

At Terra Mia farm we also give credit towards your boarding fee’s under the shareholder’s contract if you have obtained an invitation to come out and work on the farm. Work days will be by invitation only and the date will be determined by the seller of the Terra Mia farm shares. Boarding Fee’s will be credited up to $10 for each hour of labor. Frequently jobs on the farm include heavy lifting, cleaning stalls, washing equipment and assisting in maintaining herd health. Working with livestock can sometimes cause injury. If you elect to come work on the farm you must sign a risk waiver that states that you will not hold us responsible for accidents that occur on the farm while you are here.

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