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Shepherd’s Chat Breed Study  5.4.22 Gotland

Where: Online - Zoom live class

Wednesday  May 4, 2022 7pm-8pm EST   (4pm PST)

Main Course Intro- 

History of the Breed, Utility of Fiber- Includes Printable Handout (pdf), Course outline and invitation to facebook group. 


Wednesday May 11 th 7pm-7:30 pm EST  -Lab: Washing the Fiber 

Wednesday May 18 th 7pm-7:30 pm EST -Lab: Processing the fiber “live” interactive class

Wednesday April 25 th 7pm-7:30 pm EST --Lab: How to dye the fiber 


In this month long workshop you will learn:

*The History of the breed including how they came to the United States and where to look for the specific breed producers in your area. 

*the utility of the fiber, felting characteristics, softness and its common uses.

* washing the fleece and drying (tips and tricks)

*Processing the fiber, how you can process the fiber with inexpensive tools and getting the fiber ready to dye and/or spin. 

*How to dye the fiber ( We will be using the mason jar method) We will sample using acid dyes, wilton's food coloring and even Kool-aid during the dyeing tutorials. (the Kool-aid is great for a kids activity!)


How is the class presented?

The first class will be via Zoom and will be recorded. Upon check out you will receive a link to the course workshop. The labs will be done in the closed facebook group -Shepherd’s Chat which you will receive an invitation to. Here you can chat with other students and share projects and progress. As a bonus, signing up for any course will give you access to the group and you will be able to view and participate in any of the “Live” labs for any of the breeds for as long as you are a member of the group!

Shepherd's Chat-A Breed Study Journey-Gotland

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