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Collaborating with My Two Ladies Knitting

About a year ago I stumbled into a virtual selling group. I had previously been selling Bluefaced Leicester and Gotland locks during fiber festivals such as Black Sheep Gathering and Oregon Flock and Fiber. Covid shut all of that down. I had my first online show via Facebook last April. I was pleasantly surprised that I actually made some money and I sold out of all the dyed locks that I had brought to the show. I volunteered to help with the virtual facebook sales group's show program. That also grew into a part time job and now I have 12 publications I have completed for the group Wool and Fiber Arts on facebook. It is also where I met Alexis of My Two Ladies Knitting.

I was enthralled with Alexis's story and her life in New York and she was enthralled with my story and my life in the country on the west coast. It was a country meets city attraction for sure, combine the love of fiber arts and we were fast becoming good friends. Fast forward to today and Alexis is showcasing my hand dyed yarn as a collaboration project on her website and her debuting it in her Vogue Knitting Virtual show today.

I am honored that she asked me to dye up some yarn for her but also I am really excited about the opportunity to help our small businesses grow through collaborations such as this.

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