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Journal Entry Jan 1, 2020

High 51°low 45°, light rain in the morning and afternoon. New Years came and I was already asleep but woke upwhen fireworks started going off. There was a huge downpour of rain and the wind was howling violently. I wondered if that was a predictor of the coming new decade or just the release of a past that was speckledwith pain . The rest of the day was uneventful. Worked on setting up a few more accounts so that I can sell more artwork , cleaned off some online files and mostly spent the day planning out the new year.

The animals are doing well,it is hard tobelieve that toomiswasso very sick a year ago. Todayhe is doing fine and Currently ruvining a th the whole flock.

I took more pictures of the sheep today and spent some time sitting with them , 1905 Clementine is starting to get friendly and came up to me when I was petting Mel and Gabby.

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