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Washing and Dyeing Wool with products you can find at the grocery store.

If you're just starting out with washing and dyeing wool there is no need for you to go out and buy expensive products. You can find a lot of products in your local grocery store. Right now is a great time to buy PAAS egg dye coloring (which you can dye wool with!).You can also dye using Kool-Aid. While those of us who have been processing wool for a long time have preferences on what type of soap is the best for scouring fleeces, you can

still find products that you might already have in your cupboard. We will save the “which soap is superior” discussion for another time as it can be a hot topic. There are some wonderful fiber folks who have really done the science behind what is the best way to wash each type of fleece. But for this study, use what you already have.

Some common soaps:

BLUE Dawn. Works fine, some say it dries out the wool a bit but I have used it for years for BFL locks and it works well.

Orvis Paste: is another great soap to use your local Tractor Supply or livestock feed store, its found in the show steer section as it is used for washing steers and horses. (Also works great to wash sheep wool while still on the sheep if you cleaning up an animal to take to a show)

Unicorn Power Scour: Works really well and requires less rinses.

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