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Let's try this again

My plan was to post to my blog every day. Then life happened and I got off track. I have too many ideas in my head and too many directions that I am heading. sitting down to post on my blog everyday became low on my list of priorities. Work started up again, life got busy with kidding and lambing and I set aside this project for the someday maybe......

Then the world shifted and this virus thing happened and every routine and every expectation changed. I won't blame the virus for my shift in thinking because I view the virus as an evil thing that should not be given power by assigning it as an excuse. I think as a whole we humans have shifted in our thinking. We have slowed down, we have turned inwards and we have explored the new reality that we must adjust to.

So I will try again, to pen my thoughts to this space. I know it is important because there is a story here that needs to be told. If I neglect it, it will be lost forever.

A month ago on a whim I joined a facebook group that was hosting a virtual fiber sale. The expectation was that I would do a live "30" minute segment and sell products that I usually bring to fiber festivals. I still had a small box of fiber and a few products that I had listed on etsy. I figured it wouldn't hurt to try. I am an extreme introvert, my idea of bliss is sitting alone with my sheep next to the river, perhaps that is why the universe pulled me into shepherding. I seriously did not evaluate the endeavor fully and was quickly pushed past my comfort zone. The 30 minute sale ended up consuming me for the whole weekend as I sold out of everything that I had posted pictures of. Fiber artists are hungry for fiber.

So, I decided to do it again, AND volunteer to help with the groups Social Marketing Team.I did this because my comfort zone had already been stretched, I found that I wanted to explore where this goes and how I can connect with artists. I still don't have a ton of product to sell. Making stuff takes time, I am super busy with the livestock, day-job, house chief position but it is pushing me, which is what a shift in thinking can do. I hope that we can all shift in positive ways despite a crushing blow to our way of life. Just look at the trees, they know how to adapt to the elements and stay connected to the earth.

If you want to check out my new budding branch go to

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